Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Register of Members' Interests

Having booked my appointment last week, today, I got to inspect the Register of Members' Interests for those six councillors who chose to opt out of the on line version (Cllr Shooter's is now on line). I would love to tell of the startling revelations I discovered but sadly I can't because there weren't any. They were generally rather uninteresting. There were a few records of hospitality but nothing of any great interest. Attendance at a conference with train fare and hotel but it was directly related to the service they oversee, it was a standard class rail fare and normal hotel price. I could not complain at that one. A trip to Morphou but the plane fare and hotel were paid for by Morphou who we are twinned with. A few meals and a bottle of wine as a gift. Given that it all seemed rather normal, what I can't understand is why they all chose to opt out. They may not want to reveal their home addresses but surely people should know where their councillors live. I am mystified.

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