Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Barnet Council Salaries

Today there has been a press release send out by the Taxpayers Alliance concerning the number of highly paid staff at Barnet Council. This is a matter which Barnet Bloggers have been plugging away at for the last 12 months. For the sake of transparency I have attached below an extract from the Barnet Council audited accounts for last year which sets out the number of employees in each pay band. Unlike the Taxpayers Alliance figures these do not include pension contributions which add a further 24% to the cost.

Residents may be concerned at just how many well paid staff were employed by the Council last year and perhaps it is something they might raise with their councillors. I would also urge those who are intetrested in the detail behind these figures and the actual posts paid the salaries should look at the accounts which can be found here
Salaries are set out at pages 71-74 of the pdf.


  1. So when the council talks about having to make cuts, they meant to services, not to salaries or the number of staff employed. Good to know that we are all in this together.

    The council always argues that it has to pay top dollar to attract the best staff. Why, then, does it continue to pay millions to external consultants?

  2. DCMD, as ever, you are spot on. My post above shows that again today they have appointed yet another interim manager on the annualised equivalent of £120k. What they need is a period of stability, a long term strategy and a clear plan for achieving it. Everything the council is doing at the minute has a timeline which ends on 31 December 2012 at which time they hand over responsibility for just about every service to a private company.