Sunday, 1 April 2012

Colemanistan - the code name for Barnet?

It is amazing what people leave in the back seats of taxis; false teeth, the ashes of loved ones as well as the more typical umbrellas, wallets and mobile phones. Last week a good friend of mine had to get from a very nice restaurant on the South Bank where he had been entertaining some clients back to his office in the City. A short hop but after a rather good lunch, a taxi seemed the most suitable means of transport.

Sitting on the back seat was a confidential file. Being a city professional of the highest standing he of course immediately opened the file in the hope of finding some price sensitive information which he could use to his own advantage.

Unfortunately for him it contained only a short report which was printed on plain paper with no distinguishing marks. However the contents were dynamite from my perspective and was happy to pay for my friend's rather good lunch in return for seeing a copy of this document. I have subsequently sought legal advice and hence my blog has been especially quiet this week. At this stage I have been advised not to divulge the specific nature of the document but what is interesting is that the code name for this project is 'Colemanistan'. It involves the reduction of 62 posts in the London Borough of Barnet with only one of the original 63 posts remaining. It involves some of the most Machiavellian moves I have ever come across and is a masterplan in manipulation of the democratic process. It involves just one character who is at the heart this project and who has the ear of people in the highest positions in government.

I will reveal more once my lawyer has carried out more detailed investigations and clarified my legal position.


  1. That is Robert Rams's car park consultation blown out of the water then, along with him.

  2. For continuity purposes, Brian will ensure that the allowances formerly received by the other 62 individuals will still be modestly accepted, by the holder of the one remaining post.