Tuesday, 30 October 2012

One Barnet - 447,197 Reasons to Pull the Plug

Barnet's supplier payments for September have just been released and yet again Barnet's Implementation Partner have submitted a huge bill. In September they billed £447,197.21. That is £22,360 every working day of September. Since January 2012 Agilisys have billed over £2.5 million, more in 9 months than Councillor were told in would cost over the entire three year contract. So far this contract alone has cost us £4.2 million and there are numerous other consultants and legal advisors who are merrily billing us with great delight.

Trowers & Hamlins, who are providing legal advice on One Barnet, have also billed £123,259.79 in September or £6,163 per day.  Oh, and welcome to new consultancy supplier Sticky Change Limited who were paid a rather modest £6,539.50 for some consultancy work for the commercial department.

Barnet Councillors keep saying there is no alternative to One Barnet. Frankly I cannot see how we can keep paying out such huge sums to consultants when the two outsourcing contracts still haven't been let. It's a bit like a gambler who, every time they lose their bet, double up on the next bet in the hope of winning back their losses. The council needs to go consultant cold turkey, break this costly addiction and start using common sense to make savings.

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  1. This is just beyond belief: nearly half a million pounds in one month - and for what? We are not allowed to know. Such reckless extravagance is an outrage.